* * * * * * - - - - - LOCKDOWN 3 LATEST! - - - - - * * * * * *

-*- We are in lockdown 3 so orders can be made over the telephone, (our front door intercom) or via email or text. Pick up or mail order. You just can't come in. -*-        Our COVID hours are:-

    Monday - Saturday 9 - 5pm,  Sunday 10 - 4pm      STAY SAFE!

You can contact us via email, telephone, or text during our listed opening times before coming to our door to collect your purchases. At the moment we are only listing our larger items on this site  

We also sell Nimh, Lipo, Lion and Life batteries, plywood and lite ply, piano wire, Brass and stainless wire, prop shafts, couplings, props, servo extension leads, enamel and acrylic paints, various glues, nylon and sable brushes, scenics, RC car and truck wheels, boat stantions, pulley blocks, modelling tools, balsa sheet and strip, railway track and packs, diecast cars and lorries, Eddie Stobart, glow plugs, RC car and aero fuels, glow starters, obeche and spruce strip, styrene sheet, brass wire and tube, carbon fibre, air filters, various thinners, fillers, files, RC 2 channel and multi channel radios, brushed and brushless motors, electronic speed controllers, track pins, wagons, coaches, locos, RC car spares, wire, connectors, adaptors, ‘snakes’, horns, screws, tissue, dope, rubber bands, people [various sizes] etc, etc, - - - - - -  Please contact us about anything not listed yet.